Emergency blankets are a critical piece of equipment for anyone who spends time outdoors, especially in areas with harsh weather conditions. These Space blankets are lightweight, durable, and designed to provide insulation and protection from the elements. Here are some key details and features of emergency blankets:

Emergency blanket
130*210cm / 140*210cm / 150*210cm /160*210cm
Silver / Golden / Customize
Mylar / PET / PE


other color such as Orange/Army green/bule can be customize
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Size: Most emergency blankets are compact and lightweight, designed to be easily stored in a backpack or emergency kit. They are usually around 52 x 82 inches, large enough to cover an adult body while still being easy to carry.

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Color: Emergency blankets are often available in bright colors such as silver or gold, which makes them highly visible in low-light conditions. It can help signal to rescuers or other members of a group in an emergency.

Package: Emergency blanket bulk is often sold in bulk packages, with quantities ranging from a single blanket to a pack of ten or more. It makes them convenient for outdoor activities or inclusion in emergency preparedness kits.

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Using: Emergency blankets are used in outdoor activities and emergencies. They can be used as blankets to provide warmth and prevent hypothermia, as shelter to protect against wind and rain, as ground cover to stay dry, and as a signaling device to attract attention from rescuers. 《10 different ways to use of space blanket》check more.

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Case of some OEM 

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-The PE color stock we have orange / green. For more color contact with us
-For some new brands, we have free package design service, like the box or insert paper.