10 different ways to use of space blanket

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When it comes to survival gear, one of the most important items to have on hand is an emergency blanket. Below are some of the different ways that space blankets can be used:
1. As a Blanket:
The most obvious use for a space blanket is as a traditional blanket. These blankets are designed to retain up to 90% of body heat and can provide warmth in cold temperatures. By wrapping oneself in an emergency thermal blanket, an individual can prevent hypothermia and stay warm during a cold night in the wilderness. Honestly, if you put this space blanket on you already feel twice as hot as you did before.
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2. As socks
The Emergency Blanket can help you keep your toes from freezing off. Cut the blanket down into 2 smaller squares and wrap it around your feet. You can secure in place with duct tape for added stability.
3. As a water collector
Put this in any kind of device but just make a cylinder type of thing and then put it wherever and then collect water with it rainwater you.
4. As a signal for help
The reflective blanket is one of the best ways to signal for SOS. The space blanket reflective ground-to-air or ground-to-ground signal. If you do not have a signal mirror, you can use the reflective side of your emergency blanket.
5. As a first aid kit
The mylar emergency blanket can improvise an arm sling, pad a C-splint, treat shock, and more
6. As a waterproof backpack equipment
You can quickly wrap your pack in your thermal blankets and secure it with some cordage to ensure that none of your gear gets wet.
7. As a sunshade
If you are in a hot environment and the sun is beating down on you, you can use this rescue blanket to reflect away heat.
8. As an emergency tent
If rain is coming and you need a tent, you can use the space blanket in several ways. You can quickly put up an A-frame tube tent or lean-to tent for survival.
9. As a pet mylar emergency blanket
Don’t let the paws of your pet freeze off. The Emergency Blanket doesn’t only can keep you warm but also can keep your pet warm if the outdoors gets a little too chilly for him.
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10. As a Windshield Cover
If a snowstorm comes suddenly, you can cover the rescue blanket over your car windshield to make the post-storm cleanup that much easier.

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